Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Zoya - Dovima

Hello everyone,

Hope you've been doing fine! Me, I hate late autumn, the depressive November coming up next...changing the hour this weekend... and this cold wind! Oh well, hope December will come sooner with its Christmas-y, joyful atmosphere!

Anyways, today I have for you a love at first sight! I saw it on many blogs, and I decided to purchase it. I think it's from the Matte Velvet collection 2009. Well, I don't think it suits me very well, though I still love the shade and the matte charcoal finish.
The application is very good. I tried both one coat and 2 coats. Because most of the blogs show it in 2 coats, here I'm actually wearing 1 coat of Zoya Dovima, no top coat:

Thank you so much for watching!!!



  1. I love this time of year, IDK why it feels cozzy to me.. the wind.. the leaves changing colors! LOVE IT.. Well I think this color suits you well :)its great for 1 coat!

  2. I love this! Both the shade and the finish!

  3. That polish is beautiful and I love those photos!

  4. Hello darling!
    i hope u still remember me! :)

    i was gone fo a while .... ( just posted an update blog if interested!)

    I hoe u are doing fine now and not all too depressed cause of November and All that is brings :P! We are all waiting for December with his indeed Christmas-y, joyful atmosphere! :P

    But i see that ure nails are still as pretty as ever! :D
    I love that color !
    Actually i have bought something like this on the market :$ ... veerryy nice shimmers ! And it glows sooo pretty! Just like this one but little bit more top-coatish :P.... not that mat as zoya...
    i always think of the night sky when im wearing it! ( like now:P hahaha!!)
    Anyway! Im off chekking ure older blogs! Cause ive been away for so long. sorry bout that!

    Hugs and Kissessss :D!!!

    Follow me? i follow back! :)

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  6. I have an award for you :)


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