Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Zoya - Dovima

Hello everyone,

Hope you've been doing fine! Me, I hate late autumn, the depressive November coming up next...changing the hour this weekend... and this cold wind! Oh well, hope December will come sooner with its Christmas-y, joyful atmosphere!

Anyways, today I have for you a love at first sight! I saw it on many blogs, and I decided to purchase it. I think it's from the Matte Velvet collection 2009. Well, I don't think it suits me very well, though I still love the shade and the matte charcoal finish.
The application is very good. I tried both one coat and 2 coats. Because most of the blogs show it in 2 coats, here I'm actually wearing 1 coat of Zoya Dovima, no top coat:

Thank you so much for watching!!!


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Chanel - Mimosa

Hello everyone,

These pictures were taken during my holidays in august! You can guess the high level of housekeeping and sportive activity by the the length of my nails ... :D
The picture quality is not great, sorry about that.

So, Chanel Mimosa was the first Chanel and I've ever tried on! And this is thanks to my friend Ruxi who borrowed it to me. I really enjoyed wearing it, and also it was durng summer and I loved it!
The application is OK, no streaks at all , which is not often for a yellow! I don't remember exactly if I was wearing 2 or 3 coats? What's for sure, is that you'll need at least 2 coats for opacity, because the formula is quite on the thin side. But you know, I really loved this shimmery, bright yellow! I know that "Mimosa" is a more glamorous name, but I would rather call it Chanel Lemon! ;) Don't you think it really looks like lemon? I do :D

Thank you everyone for wathcing!

Big hugs!!!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Essie - Brazilliant - Brazilliant Collection

Hello everyone,

Continuing today with posting another polish from the Brazilliant Collection from Essie! I've got a lot to catch up with!;)
So here is Brazilliant! Another orange! Yay - I love orange! I think that this polish was one of the most expected this summer (by me, anyway! :) ). It is a very beautiful bright orange, with pink sheer; which makes it quite one of a kind. The finish though is not quite as shiny as Meet me at Sunset, but I think it is prettier this way, and more original.
The application was quite average, I find it a bit streaky for an Essie, actually the only one from the set of 6 which had this problem. But it's not bad, I've seen worse ;)

So here I'm wearing 2 coats of Essie - Brazilliant, not top coat:

Thank you so much for watching!

Big hugs!!!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Essie - Meet Me At Sunset - Brazilliant Collection

Hello everyone,

I'm soooo sorry for the long absence... I was very, very busy lately and I've completely neglected my blog. I'll try to be post on a more regular base, but I gotta be honest - I'm not so sure about it because next week I'll start my new job, and I won't be really be counting my hours at the begging. We'll see.

So I've been having these pictures already uploaded in my drafts for more than a month. Don't remember exactly when I took them but it seems like it was a beautiful day :)

So here is, the second polish I'm posting from the Brazilliant Collection (oh, dear, I'm so terribly late with my posting!). I've already posted Smooth Sailing.
Now this polish din't seem quite xtraordunary in the bottle, but once on the nail, I think it looks great! This is a very smooth and shiny burnt orange cream. The application was fabulous, and the formula is great.

Here I'm wearing 2 coats of Essie - Meet Me at Sunset, no top coat:

Thank you so much for watching!


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Chanel Péridot

Hello everyone,

I guess for the moment I can't posts more often than once a week... Sorry for that, I hope I'll get back to the normal pace of posting soon...

Today I have for you my very first Chanel polish!!! I know it's already been shown on a lot of blogs, but ... I have to show it to you because until Péridot I thought I'd never put 21 euros into one single polish! That's a lot of money... But it worthed every penny!!! I just love it! Well... I think I have a thing for the duo-chromes.. :)
So I guess the whole fuzz is about this gold-green(-and some brown, but that would make it a trio-chrome, right?) foil... that looks absolutely amazing!!! I'm not really a gold fan and I don't really own any pure gold foil in my stash, but this one is right up my alley!
The application is great, you will get some brush strokes however, but nothing ugly, nothing compared to frosties, metallics and other foils. Also, two coats are enough for full opacity and evenness.

Here is the wonder: two coats of Péridot + one coat of Sèche Vite:

Now, these next two pics were taken after 3 days of wear, on a sunny day. Usually I'm a very bad polish wearer. As my nails are thin and hence very flexible, most polishes start chipping after about 2 days. But not Péritdot! I have some tip wear, but I could've worn it very well for another couple of days (with an additional coat of Sèche Vite, of course).
Just look at that sparkle...! *sigh* :)

Thank you very much for watching!

Big hugs, everyone!!! <3

Monday, 12 September 2011

OPI - Skull & Glossbones

Hello everyone,

I've been having these pictures in my drafts for quite a while, I don't even remember when I did this. It's not the greatest swatch I could do, but I've decided to publish it because I'm so late with all the collections and everything...
This colour will probably worth a re-swatch later on this year, because it's a great colour! Skull & Glossbones is a beautiful and very original shade of light grey, but with a very subtle beige undertone. No dupes I could find for it! This is actually my favourite of the Pirates of the Caribbean collection (number 2 being Steady As She Rose).
The consistency of this one is a bit watery, but no biggie, it layers very well, and it's perfectly opaque with 2 coats. Dries quickly also.

Here I'm wearing 2 coats of OPI Skull & Glossbones, no top coat:

And here is the lousiest pirate of them all. Sorry for him. He looks angry and powerless!

 I've got only Mermaid's Tears left to swatch of this collection. Coming soon! ;)

Thank you for watching!

See ya soon!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

OPI - Swimsuit... Nailed It!

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry for the long absence, but it's not really an OK time in my personal life right now, and didn't feel like blogging at all... Hope thing will get better soon.

I'm back tonight with one of my acquisitions form July, one of the nicest colours in my collection. This is OPI Swimsuit.. Nailed It! from the Miss Universe collection. I've actually bought all the 4 polishes of the collection, and all of the colours are of a great quality and are very beautiful colours.
Swimsuit.. Nailed It! is a gorgeous blue with lots and lots of sparky blue shimmer in it. The application is excellent, the wear is great and is opaque in 2 coats. I'm really in love with this polish!
If Congeniality Is My Middle Name is almost a dupe for another famous OPI from the Katy Perry collection - The One That Got Away - , and It's MY Year is very very similar to Zoya Faye, I couldn't find a dupe for this one in my stash, nor in the recent well known collections.

The pictures were taken in Romania, where my mom was totally scandalized with me wearing a blue polish, and.. more: with wearing different colours on my toes and on my finger nails! ha ha :D Love my mom :D She totally loved OPI Congeniality Is My Middle Name, though :D

So, as usual, here I'm wearing 2 coats of OPI Swimsuit.. Nailed It! + 1 coat of Seche Vite:

Thank you for watching!
Big hugs everyone!!!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

OPI - Jade Is the New Black + stamping

Hello everyone,

How you've been doing? Me, I'm just too busy these days but I miss blogging. I barely have the time to do my nails and going to the office with naked nails is becoming a regular basis...Not good! I need to get organized here ;)

So this is a little oldie I've got for you today! It's the famous OPI Jade is the New Black released with the Hong Kong collection for the spring, in 2010.
And it's really one of the most beautiful greens ever! I'm a huge fan of this polish and I'd wear it more often, but... it's really, really not work appropriate. It's too beautiful to be work appropriate! :)
It applies very smoothly and is perfectly opaque in 2 coats. The finish is gorgeously shiny... I truly adore it! And weirdly, I think it looks well on my fair skin tone!
So here I'm wearing 2 coats of OPI Jade Is the New Black, no top coat. The first 4 pictures were taken in the sun:

And the next 3 in the shade:

I've been practising my stamping with my new Claire's french manicure white.. so this is what came out of it. Not great, I still have to work this out, but I'm getting better - I think ;P )

Thank you everyone for wathcing!

See ya soon!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Essie - Smooth Sailing

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the long absence of posts. I've been on a vacation and I was very busy, and not often at home. Also, I was not really in the greatest mood, so I couldn't really think of blogging. But here I am!
And with a very very nice polish that I've seen on a lot of blogs, and which I adored!
This is Essie - Smooth Sailing. This one is the first of the 6 polishes from the Brazilliant collection 2011 I'll be showing you (and I'm really in love with the whole collection!). The base is a greyish blue with a lot of silver and some subtle duochrome violet/blue shimmer.
The application is ok, and the drying time very good.
Here I'm wearing 2 coats of Essie - Smooth Sailing, no top coat:

Thank you so much for watching!
See ya soon eveyone!

Big hugs!!! <3

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Zoya Faye

 Hello everyone,

How you've been doing? Me... oh it's hard being on a vacation ;D (not)!
Sorry for the long blogging pause, but I've had some very busy days lately.

Today I'd like to show you the last of the Zoya Sunshine collection polish I've purchased, and it's a wonder! So beautiful and sparky! The application was very smooth, not problem at all and it's opaque in two coats.
The base is a lavender purple with lot of sparkling gold shimmer inside!

So, here I'm wearing 2 coats of Zoya Faye, not top coat:

What was you favourite polish from this collection? For me... I think it was Reva followed by Faye, then Apple and Tanzy.

Thank you so much for watching!

See ya soon!
Hugs everyone!