Monday, 13 June 2011

Zoya Reva


Hello everyone,

I was home today as this Monday in France is holiday. I planned to post a lot this weekend... but a little something happened to my computer which didn't allow its use whatsoever... I'll tell you more about it at the end of this post...

Fist of all, I'm going to show you Zoya Reva, from the Sunshine Collection (summer 2011).
This one has a very beautiful pink-red base - or maybe red-pink, beacuse it's however more red than pink, but you can definitely see the pink shade in it. Also, it is full of gold shimmer which gives it some golden and orange tones in some positions. This actually reminds me of a sunset!
It applies very well and you'll get full opacity with 2 coats.

Here I'm wearing 2 coats of Zoya Reva, no top coat:

When I fist saw Reva in real life I immediately thought about Sarah, a shade that Zoya released for the Holidays in 2010! OK, they are not dupes, that's for sure, but they have something familiar... (no, no, it's not beacuse they're both called Zoya! ;)):

 Here are the two together (Sarah on the right and Reva on the left):

They are both red pinks. But, Reva is more pink and a bit shearer than Sarah. Sarah's base is richer and more covering than Reva.
Also, what is flagrant is that Reva has golden shimmer and Sarah has fuchsia shimmer in it.
But the aspect on the nail and the type of shimmer (glass shimmer) is the same.

Sarah on the index and ring, and Reva on the middle and pinkie

In the end I like them both, they are definitely different, but just a bit! If you ask me, the big difference is the shimmer colour... Otherwise, I think that Zoya kinda repeats some successful polish formulas, changing them just a tad bit... the thing is that it's a little too soon guys, that's all ...

I also wanted to share with you the reason of the absence of posts on yesterday:

(yeah, it's a screen cable...)
And the guilty one for this... is.........

GHITZOU!!!!! Yeah, yeah, you! And don't give me that surprised face...!

And because today is holiday, I had to take the tout of the city to find a store opened today! But I did find one, so I paid 15 euros (22$) for one single cable... + the gas...
Ok, I love my bunny... :)

See ya soon!
Big hugs!!!


  1. Hahaha aw Ghitzou! :) So cute, but naughty. :P The picture made me smile and feel better. I've been sick the past few days. And I love Reva! It looks gorgeous. I think I like it more than Sarah, but they do look similar. Well, I hope you and Ghitzou enjoyed your holiday! :)

  2. gah!! the bunny! toooo cute :D

    Reva is a beautiful colour... i may have to add it to my stash. noaw. :)

  3. Reva looks "sunkissed" :)
    Xx. S

  4. @Liz: I'm really glad it made you feel better. I'm so sorry you are sick. Hope you'll get better very very soon. This post was actually a wink to you! I did not forget that you were interested to see the review for Reva. This post is in a way dedicated to you!

    @zehava: thank you so much! Oh, yes, it is very beautiful indeed and it would surely be nice investment! And thank you for following me ;)

    @Stéphanie (S.): Ha ha! Yes, it really does look sunkissed! :D I know you like reds and corals ;) I've got some Biguine and took some pictures, I'll be posting them on Wednesday.

  5. Naughty bunny! I love Reva. It looks great on you. I think I need to wear this one for my next mani.

  6. :D LOL, naughty indeed! Already changed a keyboard and 2 mice... and became a welding expert ;D (but not with a screen cable ;°).
    I'm really glad you liked Reva and my post!

  7. LOVE the shade :) It looks so elegant. Awww that bunny is so adorable <3

  8. I love Sarah and was planning to buy Reva. So thanks for the comparison!

  9. You're very welcome, Karine!

  10. My sister's cat loooves to dig her teeth into everything and anything -apart from food. So far, I've had to buy new ear/headphones for my I-pod and computer and I'm probably forgetting other 'presents' from her.


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