Thursday, 9 June 2011

OPI - Black Cherry Chutney

Hello everyone!

A quick post, just wanting to show you one of my loves: Black Cherry Chutney!
I have some oldies in my collection, which I really love, and Black Cherry Chutney is one of them. It is part of the India Collection OPI released for the spring in 2008! I know everybody knows it... but for me it will always be a reference.
I'm not entirely happy with my pictures, I think I'll never be. I have the feeling that a camera will never be able to catch of all its beauty. This polish is just amazing... It is a dark, shiny and vampy purple in the shade, and in the sun it's just enlightens itself from within... Gorgeous. Good application, very good formula, full coverage with 2 coats. The wear is very good and the shine is fabulous!

Here I'm wearing 2 coats of Black Cherry Chutney, no top coat:

With flash

I think I'll re-swatch this another perfectly sunny day...

Have a nice day, everybody!

See ya soon!
Big hugs! ;)

PS: I'm sad that raised all of their OPI prices... Have you seen that? From 5.75$./ OPI bottle, now it's 6.80$... Should not complain too much though: you triple that in order to get an idea of the OPI prices here in France.


  1. This is one of my favorite polishes! It is deep, dark & mysterious. And don't worry about your pictures- you did a good job! It is a very difficult to capture accurate pics of this one :)

  2. Thank you tasha!
    You know, I waited for a sunny day especially for swatching this beauty... I think no cameras would ever catch its true beauty!
    I've worn it before, and the first time I saw it in the sun I was in a such an awe that I forgot about my driving (not good!)! :)


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