Friday, 17 June 2011

OPI - Not Like the Movies

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to start by saying a big welcome to all my new followers and thank you for following my little blog! And a huge thanks to all of you who have been there with me from the beginning, I'm so honoured to have you all here with me. Thank you for supporting me and for reading my nonsense!

Yes, Karen said in her description of my blog that I do a lot of swatches.. and, it's true, I do! :)  I love doing this, I love trying out new nail polishes and.. I love their finish, their perfection... It's great when you discover a great colour and the feeling of being in an awe watching it freshly painted on you nails! :) (OK, all right, all right: I admit it: I'm a nail polish junkie! :D)
So, about the same feeling I've had while doing my nails with OPI Not Like The Movies... ! Such an incredible polish!!!!!! I can't believe I've been having this baby in my stash since March, and only tried it once, on a nail, with a single coat and thought it wasn't so great... well, with 3 coats it is! I guess I was a little upset because nailetc sent me a mini bottle instead of the normal sized bottle I've paid for! Even though I pre-ordered it! (such a nonsense this pre-order thing!... I'll avoid nasty words to describe the "concept", but... I really did not appreciate it. I'm reeeeeally glad they don't do it any more!)

So back to the polish: it's a very, very beautiful green/purple duochrome, on a (quite sheer) metallic grey base. The wear and the drying time are remarkable! The look is soft and really, really wearable. I've actually worn this at the office, and got some male compliments about it (!). My male colleagues usually only like the true reds for a nail polish, and sometimes corals. They are absolutely not fans of green and blues. But this one really captured their attention: "OMG it changes colour !!!" :D LOL
Though I've tried hard, I don't think my pictures reflect the real beauty of this one...

So, here I'm wearing 3 coats of OPI Not Like the Movies + 1 coat of NailTek Quicken top coat:

And, in the end... THE Star: Ghitzou ! - relaxing! :)

Seen from the side...

... and from above! :D

See ya soon!


  1. Great pics showing off the duo chrome of Not Like the Movies!

  2. what a cute bunny!! I have 2 bunnies and just love them! They are brother and sister. I've had them since they were 7 weeks old....they are 1 1/2 yrs old now.

  3. @ame: Thank you, Ame! I think I have a thing for duochromes... ;)

    @Melissa Birch: :D I just love my bunny. He is the perfect pet for a working person, because he's inactive and sleeping all day and he's waking up in the evening when I'm home!
    Ghitzou is 2 years old (born on the 2nd of June 2009 - I know it because I've got him directly from a breeder, not from a pet-shop).
    I'll take a tour on your blog, maybe you posted pictures of you bunnies ;)

  4. The aerial bunny shot really made me smile! :)

  5. Your rabbit is so cute~~!!

    I've just swatched a near-dupe to NLTM from Catrice! I love how it switches from green to purple!

    Your comment about your male collegues loving only true reds made me laugh cos it's often true men prefer red nail polishes. I've heard that a lot!lol

    btw, tu es de Toulouse!! ;D

  6. Thank you, Karen! He makes me smile too, and this happens almost every time I look at him ;)

  7. Thank you, Karine (Nailderella)!
    I'm hesitating whether to write this in English or in French... I'll stick to English for the moment, you'll tell me if I can write in French ;)
    Where are you from?

  8. Aww Ghitzou! Hehe I love it when you post pics of him. My dog lies around just like that, but I never knew bunnies did that too! :) And your pictures of Not Like the Movies are gorgeous!

  9. Great color. I need to get my hands on that one. I love Ghitzou, what a cutie! :D

  10. it changes color!!!! so cool! love it :)

  11. @Liz: Thank you, Liz! Ghitzou is doing this a lot, especially after eating! ;)

    @Steph: Thank you so much Steph, it's such a pleasure to read you comments!

    @Peach: :D :D Men are big kids, aren't they? :D LOL I'm so happy each time you come to my blog! Thank you, Peach!

  12. I like it :-) Shame you didn't get the full sized bottle you ordered though! That's not right.
    I gave you an award on my blog by the way :-)

  13. Thank you, Laura! Yes, I was pretty upset when I opened my parcel and saw the little bottle instead of the normal sized one... I should've asked a refund, but I was too disappointed. I'll may be re-order it from a more serous site.
    Thank you so mush fro the award!!!! Hugs!

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  15. Not like the mooviesul meu nu era asa duochrome, cred ca am nimerit unul din ala prost, insa mi-a placut, dar nu e una din ojele mele preferate.

  16. Pai exista mai multe tipuri de Not Like the Movies???

  17. What a cute bunny! And I love that polish!


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