Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Dupe-ing: OPI Simply Smash-ig! with Zoya Apple

Hello everyone,

OK, Dupe-ing is not a word... But how can I call it? It's when on a rainy day you decide to play a little bit with your polishes... you pick 2 out of your stash, whose shimmer and hues look very alike.. For example... Zoya Apple and OPI Simply Smash-ing!:

... you apply 2 coats of each on your nails:

OPI Simply Smash-ing on the index and ring & Zoya Apple on the middle and pinkie

.... then you apply one coat of Zoya Apple over OPI Simply Smash-ing!... (on index and ring)...

... after that you apply one coat of OPI Simply Smash-ing! over Zoya Apple (on the middle and pinkie)...

And in the end you don't know which one is which (this is where the word "dupe-ing" comes to a sense :D) !

To sum up the number of coats and their order:
Index - 2X Zoya Apple + 1X OPI Simply Smash-ing!
Middle - 2X OPI Simply Smash-ing! + 1X Zoya Apple
Ring - 2X Zoya Apple + 1X OPI Simply Smash-ing!
Pinkie - 2X OPI Simply Smash-ing! + 1X Zoya Apple


:D :D :D

Thnak you for reading and trying to follow my delirious nonsense and hope you had some fun ;)

Big hugs!


  1. bre doar harta aia interactiva arata realitatea vizitelor, si eu am o diferenta de 10000 intre ce indica harta si ce indica blogger, m-am dus si pe forumul lor de ajutor si am gasit si alte persoane cu aceeasi problema

  2. Those colors are amazing really really pretty! how do you keep you nails in a nice square rounded shape?

  3. Hi Rose! Welcome to my blog ;)
    Well, it's not an easy job to keep the nails long and in a nice shape when you've got thin, exfolitaing nails like me! :)
    What really helps is a nail hardener (formaldehyde based..)that I have to apply 2 or 3 times a week. The file does the rest of the job ;)


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