Thursday, 30 June 2011

Essie - Your Hut Or Mine + First Attempt of Nail Art Ever ;)

Hello everyone,

I've recently received my order from nailetc which contained among other goodies, the Essie Resort Collection 2011!
Today I'll be showing you the first of the 4: Your Hut Or Mine. I think the've forgot to add the interogation sign "?" :)
Well, I know that is has been swatched and re-swatched... but, let's just say that it hasn't :D
Cute cute polish! Since I've seen it I wanted to try on right away! Among the bottles, this one was my favourite. Now, I gotta see what's gonna be like on the nails...

The base is a beautiful vintage pink with a touch of coral, makes me think of a rose. It has also got this great golden micro shimmer which shines so bright in the sun!  Very neat and very sweet!
The formula of this one is ok, I needed 2 coats for full opacity and to get rid of the small streaks it did on the first coat.

Taken in the sun.

And in the sun again. Isn't that shimmer so cool? Me - love it.

Sun again ;)

In the shade.

 Here is where I'm gonna do a break and say... wait a minute, wait a minute!... I've got dupe for this one! A dupe that was not released yet.. but still a dupe LOL! Check this out:

This baby is OPI My Address Is Hollywood!!! This polish will be released in august for the fall collection, called Touring America. I strongly believe that they're dupes ;)
Same colour and exactly the same shimmer!
If you want to see more pictures of My Address Is Hollywood, see the swatch here.
Re-reading my post about it, I can say that I prefer the OPI formula, no doubt about it.

All right, now back to our subject of the day:  Essie Your Hut Or Mine:

And here is my very first attempt of nail-art!! :) Well, I kept simple and stupid, and a débutante in this particular domain, so please forgive my imperfections ;)
I've used OPI Lincoln Park After Dark for the tips, and OPI DS Coronation for the dots. As tools, i only used a classic dotting tool. I especially like the DS Coronation dots beacuse they look a bit like little diamonds ;P
Hope you like it :

Thank you for watching!!

See ya soon everyone!!


  1. That looks awesome for a first attempt!

  2. I looove the shimmer in that polish! And I like your nail art! :)

  3. I love this shade so much! Thanks for the heads up about it being a possible dupe for the OPI; now I know I don't need to get that OPI! :)

  4. Ooooh, I like this color. It is going on my wishlist. Love the art! So simple and yet so cute :)

  5. Thank you, everyone for your compliments and for encouraging me with my nail art! Such a joy to wake up this morning and to find your comments! :D <3 <3 <3

  6. Love, love, love this color! And I really like what you did with the tips :)

  7. Very pretty! I love the shimmer :) I always prefer Essie to OPI because I can't stand that pro-wide brush!!

  8. @Veronica: thank you so much!

    @Tasha: thank you, Tasha! Me, I love the pro-wide brush because I've got wide nails :)

  9. Mais c'est joliiiii ! :)
    Les couleurs vont super bien ensemble :)
    J'espère que tu vas bieeeen :)
    Xxxxxxx. S

  10. Merci, sweetie!!! ;)
    Ca va bien, merci, c'est presque le weekend et il va faire beauuu! :D Toi tu dois etre en vacances depuis lundi, c'est ça? Aaaah.. les vacances..*sigh* :)

  11. I never realized how gorgeous this color is! But it is so pretty! *added to wish list* And the nail art is turned out very pretty!!

    Also, I thought I should add to my comment on your comment about staining from sinful colors - it still didnt happen to me, but my sister had on the same color and hers stained like crazy. It looks like highlighter on her nails still :) but she also didnt use a base coat.

  12. Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like it, it is indeed a very nice colour!

    And thank you so much for letting me know abut Sinful Colors! I don't get it why some people get their nails stained by a certain nail polish and others just don't! And now, it is obvious, because you and your sister are using the SAME bottle of polish! I think I'm gonna investigate some more on the subject..

    Hugs! <3

  13. This is pretty good for a first attempt . I like it a lot .

  14. the shade is just gorgeous on you and LOVE the nail art :) <3

  15. This color is gorgeous! I think I'll wait for the OPI one. :) And those sparkly dots are cute! Love it. :D

  16. Thank you so much, everyone! Such a pleasure to read your comments!!!


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