Friday, 10 June 2011

OPI and Serena Williams Glam Slam : Simply Smash-ing!

Hello everyone!

Another gloomy day... another rainy day... we were happy to have a perfect weather in April and in May, and now, that the summer is almost here - we get bad weather! :)

Today I'll be showing you the first of the polishes OPI released in collaboration with Serena Williams:  Simply Smash-ing! They have released it together with the Black Shatter, that I don't have... I've only got the polish by itself, beacuse at the moment I've purchased it, the Black Shatter was completely sold out of all the online stores I know.

So this is a yellow-green sheer base with huge quantity of gold shimmer. The gold shimmer looks amazingly a lot like the Zoya Apple's...
The polish applies really well, but you'll need 3 coats for full opacity. I really like the spark of this one!

Here I'm wearing 3 coats of Simply Smash-ing!, no top coat:

Who said that this polish looks like a tennis ball with a black crackle on top of it... was right! It kinda does. Maybe it's only the power of suggestion, but the base colour of the polish was , I think, not randomly chosen... ;)
I was telling you I didn't own the Black Shatter... But I do own China Glaze's Black Mesh! ;) So, for the "classic" look, I've applied a coat of Black mesh on top of this sparkling tennis ball :D (sorry, I did not have enough patience to let the polish dry out completely, so the Black Mesh didn't cackle as neatly as I'd liked it to crackle....) :

And with a coat of NailTek Quicken top coat :

In my next posts I'll be using this polish to create some interesting effects... ;)

Whish you all an excellent day, and with a lot more sun than in Toulouse !
See ya soon!
Hugs :*

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