Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kiko 296

Hello everyone!

Here is the second Kiko cream I've got, it's Kiko 296!
Such a daring pop green! Though it's not a neon, it can easily be seen from very far! Not for the shy :) 
I've worn this however on a Friday (oh yeah, holy Friday wear!) and nobody missed it :). But now everyone from the work kinda got used to my extravagance when it comes to nails. Nevertheless, there are some colours I wouldn't wear at work... (e.g. : glitters and neons).
The application for this one was perfect, the formula is excellent, the drying time ok, like for most creams. I must add the fact that there are no traces of streaks. I've noticed that a lot big names in the nail polish business don't do anymore the good cream formulas they've once did...

Back to Kiko 296:
Here I used 2 coats of Kiko, no top coat:

I thought green looks very good in company of black.. I've asked Ghitzou for a "paw" of help with that :) :

With flash:

Finally, I gave it a try with the 2nd shear Kiko I have, a fine turquoise shimmer.
 I have Kiko 298 on top of Kiko 296 on my index and on my ring:

See ya! ;)

Friday, 29 April 2011

Orly Royal Velvet


 Hello everyone!

What better polish to show on the day of the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton than Orly Royal Velvet???
Oh, gorgeousness!!!
This is definitely one of the most beautiful polishes I've ever seen!!

It's number two on my list of favourite polishes ever. I'll present to you my number one in a future post ;)

I've taken a zillion of pictures of it, trying to capture all of its beauty... I don't know if I've managed to do that, you'll tell me ;)

About the polish:
I's a beautiful purple base with an incredibly sparkling duochromed blue-purple shimmer.
Everything about this polish is great: application (like butter), opacity (2 coats), wear (prefect - 3 days and not even the slightest tip wear!), shine, enchantment, everything... I couldn't stop watching my nails!
And in the sun you realize the depth of this jewel... it's like it has several levels.
Ok, I'm in love ... :)

I'm going to stop my rambling here and let you take a look at the pictures!

In shade:

 In the sun:

Look at that duochromed shimmer!!!

 With flash:

Just one word: WOW!

PS: just wandering... what polish do you think Princess Catherine was wearing for her marriage????
(ok, ok, I'm a nail polish junkie, I know ;) )

Kisses everybody! ;)

The Mad Post

Hi everyone,

No, that's not the name of a new polish or brand (though it could have been...).
And yes, I am angry.

After giving it a lot of thought, I've decided to share this with you people - after all, it's about polish. More precisely, about nail polish Internet sellers.
Nailetc. I believe you already know what site I'm talking about.
I'm a good client I think (in the "amateur" category, of course). Certainly, as the french say, I'm not going to spit in my soup (!), I think it's very good that there are sites out there who ship internationally. But I have a problem with the honesty here. And this is the 3rd time it's happening...

I'll explain:

See, here is my order from the 12th of April:

Date     Tue Apr 12 00:09:28 PDT 2011
Ship to  Cristina    
Bill to  Not Available
Via      First Class Mail

Name                       Code                       Qty   Each  Options
suzi skis in the pyrenees E47 SUEDE newitem203385643             1
ink nnb61 SUEDE            opi_nnb61                    1  
got a date to-knight r46   opi_r46                      1
samoan sand p61            opi_p61                      1 
oh so glam h27             opi_h27                      1  
manicurist of seville e49  opi_e49                      1
seche vite fast drying     seche_90501                  1
top coat 90501
MATTE MITZI 559            zoya-MATTE-MITZI-559         1
tickle my france-y f16     opi_f16                      1
                                                 Shipping  19.99

Count 9 bottles ordered.

This is what I've received today (the shipping time was ok thins time):

Are you counting 8? Me too.

I know, they have a cute stamp with sad smiley and everything announcing that thay're out of stock... oooh.. too bad... but when you go to the site... SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!! :

Oh, yeah, the item is still there, always has been and will still be!!!

I know, this has happened to me 3 times in row with nailetc. The first time I really believed their out of stock story. The second time I've started having doubts, as I've been verifying regularly (before the shipping invoice) the availability on the site. And now, the 3rd time, I've decided to post this and ask you too, dearest, what do you think about this???
I know, I'll send them an e-mail and they will refund me. But me, I'm only a nail polish junkie...and I WANT MY POLISH!!! I want my Oh So Glam!  
I mean, people, WHY, I mean, Why, Why, Oh Why are these people letting me order it, pay for it, tell me they've shipped everything correctly, and let me get the surprise (not!), at the reception...???

I don't believe it, not any more, not even a second, that they're really out of stock. Is it cheaper for them to tax you a shipping for a 9 bottles package, and to send you 8 instead? YES!!!!
Did this already happened to you?

I want to add another thing:
Thank you, nailetc, for your 10% off on my next order. I'm a polish addicted and I need Zoya and other stuff I can't find on other sites... But really, your wired stuff makes me sad.

See ya soon for another happy polish post!

PS: I think I'm going to start a black list page for low quality nail polishes and polish sellers to avoid. I'm going to need your contribution...

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

OPI What's With The Catitude

Hello again!

Today I have for you one of the cutest light blues ever: OPI What's With The Catitude, from the Shrek Collection (2010).
Pretty name, ahmm? I do have something for these name OPI manages to find - some are really great,  and this one's one of my favourites.

About the polish: even though the finish definitely qualifies it as a cream, the formula is quite watery and runny, and very streaky with the first coat. On the second one everything gets better, and in the end the finish is impeccable! So beautiful and springish!

Here I'm wearing 2 coats of WWTC, no top coat, natural light: 

Guess what's that thing I'm holding!!!? ;)
I think I'll may be purchasing some other polishes from the Shrek Collection in the near future... Fiercely Fiona is next on my list... ;)

See ya!

Ruxi is having her first giveaway!!!

Hello World,

My friend Ruxi from Une Ruxi à Paris is having her fist giveaway ever to celebrate her first 100 followers!!!


For more details on the conditions, enter  

It ends the 1st of June!


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Kiko 295

Hello everyone!

Here is another Kiko from the 6 I've got when I went to Paris to see my friend Ruxi. I've got 2 creams, 2 foils and 2 glittery sheers. I've just shown to you one of the sheers (269) in my last post, and one foil in a previous one (305).
So this is the first Kiko cream and it's one of a kind!
Perfect application, perfectly opaque in two coats, excellent brush, and the drying time is normal.
Such a pretty blue! Pool blue I'd say! :) I've been very much into summerish colours lately, and it's no wonder -  I think - because of the wonderful time we've had these passed 2 or 3 weeks ! In Toulouse we already have mature roses and it's already the strawberry season!

Anyway, here are the pictures of Kiko 295:

I think that Kiko should be given more attention, because they do excellent polishes at a normal prise for Europe (which is rare!).
They're having a promo right now 2.5 euros/bottle! (on their site too), so I'll surely get some more of these little wonders! ;)

Monday, 25 April 2011

Deborah Yellow Fiz and Kiko 269

Hello World and Happy Easter to you!

I've been very busy these days du to Easter preparations, so haven't had the time to do anything.
But today I did have some time, and I let myself go with polish reviewing ;)

Today I'll show you my newest brand descovery: Deborah! I've got this form Monoprix, as they had a promo (3 Deborah polishes for the price of 2). The first one I'll swatch here is Yellow Fiz.

It's a really, really nice yellow cream, with nice formula, applying quite well (a bit streaky however on the first coat), very summerish!
Here I wear 2 coats of Deborah Yellow Fiz, no top coat:

And then I've decided to add Kiko 269 on top! Kiko 269 is a glittery yellow sheer base polish, which is excellent for layering (only..). I won't show it by itself, as it is really, really sheer. But look at that great effect over Deborah Yellow fiz!
I've made one coat over my thumb, index and ring:


 And then all over the 5 fingers:

 And because I couldn't stop here, I've added another coat, this time of China Glaze Black mesh! Such a great contrast! Leopard like ;)