Monday, 25 April 2011

Deborah Yellow Fiz and Kiko 269

Hello World and Happy Easter to you!

I've been very busy these days du to Easter preparations, so haven't had the time to do anything.
But today I did have some time, and I let myself go with polish reviewing ;)

Today I'll show you my newest brand descovery: Deborah! I've got this form Monoprix, as they had a promo (3 Deborah polishes for the price of 2). The first one I'll swatch here is Yellow Fiz.

It's a really, really nice yellow cream, with nice formula, applying quite well (a bit streaky however on the first coat), very summerish!
Here I wear 2 coats of Deborah Yellow Fiz, no top coat:

And then I've decided to add Kiko 269 on top! Kiko 269 is a glittery yellow sheer base polish, which is excellent for layering (only..). I won't show it by itself, as it is really, really sheer. But look at that great effect over Deborah Yellow fiz!
I've made one coat over my thumb, index and ring:


 And then all over the 5 fingers:

 And because I couldn't stop here, I've added another coat, this time of China Glaze Black mesh! Such a great contrast! Leopard like ;)


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