Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kiko 296

Hello everyone!

Here is the second Kiko cream I've got, it's Kiko 296!
Such a daring pop green! Though it's not a neon, it can easily be seen from very far! Not for the shy :) 
I've worn this however on a Friday (oh yeah, holy Friday wear!) and nobody missed it :). But now everyone from the work kinda got used to my extravagance when it comes to nails. Nevertheless, there are some colours I wouldn't wear at work... (e.g. : glitters and neons).
The application for this one was perfect, the formula is excellent, the drying time ok, like for most creams. I must add the fact that there are no traces of streaks. I've noticed that a lot big names in the nail polish business don't do anymore the good cream formulas they've once did...

Back to Kiko 296:
Here I used 2 coats of Kiko, no top coat:

I thought green looks very good in company of black.. I've asked Ghitzou for a "paw" of help with that :) :

With flash:

Finally, I gave it a try with the 2nd shear Kiko I have, a fine turquoise shimmer.
 I have Kiko 298 on top of Kiko 296 on my index and on my ring:

See ya! ;)

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  1. Oh I love this color, and Ghitzou is too cute! :)


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