Sunday, 1 May 2011

Zoya Mitzi - From The Matte Velvet Collection 2011

Hello everyone!

We've had a very beautiful weather here in Toulouse, and I really felt like wearing a crazy colour! And Zoya Mitzi (which I've just received a few days ago) was exactly what I was looking for!
The sunny day, the blue sky, the daring summerish colour of the Zoya Mitzi  made me feel like we were in the summer, and I was about to spend a lazy day on the beach...

About the polish:
Beautiful colour, very nice colour and finish, but a very difficult application... Needs 3 coats to even out the streaks. Dries quite rapidly, and of course, if you want to keep the matte finish (which is actually the point here..), you don't need to apply a top coat.
But, I think this polish really stands out, and, in my opinion, it worth the pain with the application.
Here are the pics:
In the sun:

In the shade:


I'm curious however to see how it looks with a glossy top coat (NailTek Quicken):

And a little comparison between Sinful Colors Innocent and Zoya Mitzi.

Here I've got Sinful Colors Innocent on my index and on my ring:

There is a just a little bit more green in the Zoya than in the Sinful, but, I'd say they're almost dupes ;)
Luck that Zotya normally it's a matte.
Anyhow, they're both adorable strong colours! 

Thank you for reading!

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