Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Color Club - Total Mystery

Hello everyone!

Today I'll show you my 2nd Color Club from the Alter Ego Spring 2011 Collection : Total Mystery.

This one was a vey nice surprise.
When I first saw it I was afraid it was going to be too sheer and that would need multiple coat building...True, on the first coat it's extremely sheer, you see very well the jelly like transparent blue base, with blue, purple and fuchsia micro glitter. With the second coat it gets better, aand after the third everythng is opaque.
The drying time was amazingly short! 
Anyway, my camera totally freaked out seeing this colour... Unfortunately no trace of purple, on any picture... I'm so sorry, because this is what makes this polish so special... It's a superb glittery burple!
In my pictures this polish it's just a glittery blue. Nice, I think (otherwise I wouldn't post the pictures at all), but does not show the entire reality.
Dries however a bit matte, so for more shine, you can add a top coat (see last picture).
Here I'm wearing 3 coats of Total Mystery, no top coat.

You can see a bit of purple here, but not on the nail (of course!) , on the the bottle:

And the last one with top coat :


  1. Oh I love this blue. It's gorgeous and so bright! And I can't tell which finger had the broken nail at all. Lucky! I have a weird crack in the middle of one of my nails. It's only on the surface so I'm hoping it won't break the nail.

  2. Thank you, Liz!!
    It's my index who had a really, really short nail for about a week. You notice that the nail tip has got a different shape from the others, a little rounder...Hope this won't happen very son now, I've also done a nail strengthening treatment in this period, and wasn't allowed to apply any nail polish for a whole week! That was hard! :D
    Hope that crack of yours won't get your nail to break! You've got such beautiful long nails!


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