Saturday, 28 May 2011

OPI - Teenage Dream

Hello everyone,

I'll have to start today with some terrible news (for me and all the non-American residents OPI lovers):
My number one OPI supplier TransDesign (TD) has stopped selling OPI!!!! Since today! I'm crushed!!! I mean they were the only ones selling OPI at a normal affordable price, shipping internationally  and the most serious of the nail polish vendors. Never had problems with the commands, all I've got was was what I've expected. I know that there have been problems between them and OPI, but... for me they were number one. Hope they will make peace with OPI and they will start re-selling this brand.
(Edit:  it seems that TD will cease activity, and the business is transferred to another site, called We'll see...)

So Teenage Dream (from the Katy Perry Collection 2011) was amongst the polishes I've received with my last TD command.. (I'm gonna cry here..).
It's one of the most beautiful polishes OPI has ever done! It's simply amazing! At fist I wasn't so excited about this collection, especially after all the pre-command messy stuff all the nail polish vendors (oh, them again, and I'm not talking about TD here!) did and that they couldn't honor.
But it worthed waiting.
This beauty is a gorgeous mixture of  pink glass flecks and holographic glitter in a sheer pink base! Amazingness! I was so thrilled with it I wore it at the office! (ok, it's a little bit too festive to go to work wearing it, but... oh well ;), it's too beautiful and I hadn't have any meeting that day! :D) ).
Dries out super fast and what an effect!
Of course, it's sheer, so you'll need at least 2 coats. Here I'm wearing 3 coats of Teenage Dream and 1 coat of NailTek Quicken.

This was taken in the sun.

And, after work hours I thought why not try the new white crackle I've got with the same command ? I'm talking about Burst Crackle #8 Blizzard:

Don't they look like sugar coated candy?? ;)

See ya soon!

Big hugs for you!!! Thank you for reading my nonsense.


  1. Soo pretty!! love your nails :)
    im your new follower i hope you'll follow me back :)

  2. Thank you Peach! And thank you for following me! I always follow back my followers ;)
    I'll take tour on your blog right away.

  3. Ooh Teenage Dream looks soooo lovely on you! It looks really nice with the white crackle too. I can't believe Trans isn't selling OPI! My heart almost stopped when I read that because I was waiting to do a mega OPI haul from there. :P But then I read your note. Whew! I hope they sell OPI again. I really want all the polishes from the upcoming winter collection. :)


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