Saturday, 21 May 2011

OPI - A-Taupe The Space Needle - Touring America Collection

Hello everyone!

This is the 3rd shade from the Touring America Collection Ruxi has sent me try on: A-Taupe The Space Needle!

The name of the polish is nicely found, but... taupe... everybody knows what taupe is, right? Light brown, like milk chocolate... etc. Well, this taupe is different... in my opinion it's not taupe, it's Kaki (greenish brown or brownish green if you want :) ). Or Kaki-ish taupe ;)
Anywway, I love it!
Leaving aside the shade controversy, this polish is great! The formula is excellent, the application was prefect, the finish is sooo shiny,  the drying time is normal and... yes, this one is an autumn coulour indeed!

Here I'm wearing 2 cots of A-Taupe The Space Needle, no top coat:

See what I mean? This was taken in the sun.

This one too.

 And in the end, just for the fun:
Seattle: autumn view from the TOP of the Space Needle

Now I know why they've chosen this shade to represent Seattle! :D

See ya!



  1. I wish I actually liked this color because I'm a Washingtonian, but I just don't like browns. :(

  2. That is so bad!!!
    Me, I love taupes, generally...but not everybody does.
    I really hope you'll like the other colours of the collection!
    What colours do you prefer?

  3. I love taupes on others, but they look icky on me. I like blues & purples the most. I think the Washington color should have been grey with blue shimmer but then it couldn't have the cute name...

  4. super disappointed with the color they chose for washington. it's really not that gloomy here and doesn't rain as much as people think it does. madeline said they should have done grey with blue shimmer and i agree that would have been a lot better and at least represented a grey rainy day. when i think of washington i think of green. a medium to dark green. and hello we are the evergreen state! the polish looks light brown which could be pretty if you did some design on top with a pink or blue, but you say in person it's a greenish-brown or brownish-green and let me say gross. and that color is definitely not taupe! fail on taupe. fail on seattle/washington. blah!


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