Thursday, 5 May 2011

OPI Manicurist Of Seville

Hello everybody!

Today I'll show you one of the best quality nail polishes I've ever seen: OPI's Manicurist of Seville from the Espana Collection. It's an oldie, but I loved it so much when I've tried on at my friend Ruxi's home, I had to have it! I've actually purchased a lot of superb oldies recently. I'm not too much into everything that's new on the market, I love having beautiful polishes in my collection, even though they're quite old ;)
Anyway, polishes like this one are among the reasons why I'm into this addiction...
Everything about it is great. I really have no bad things to point out, it's just perfect.
Application - perfect!
Formula - whow! one of the best I've seen! So even, so like a cream, so rich and fully pigmented! If you know what you're doing you can get full opaque within one coat.
Drying time - very good
Finish: superb, one of the shiniest polishes I've had the occasion to put my hands on!

Just look at these pictures (please excuse my nasty cuticles, I'm treating them, they'll get better in a while, so please, try to ignore them and concentrate on the polish only , thank you soooo much! ;) )


  1. This color looks so squishy and yummy. I can see why you love it! I love how your polishes match your flowers. :)

  2. Si uitasem de culoarea asta, o am si eu??

  3. To Liz: Thank you so much Liz!! I just love all pink flowers (in all shades of pink). But I actually like all colours on flowers and on nail polishes! :)

    To Ruxi: Yep, ai si tu culoarea asta, e printre primele pe care le aveai. Si pe deasupra... ai mai si facut un post cu ea! LOL ;D

  4. I love berry polishes - this is a good one :) Thanks for sharing it!


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