Friday, 22 April 2011

Chris' Challenge tag


Hello World,

3 days ago I was tagged by Ruxi form Une Ruxi à Paris to participate to this.  The tag was actually created by Chris from Lacquer Ware for tips and toes.

This is my first tag ever, and my very first attempt  to do nail art (kinda ;) ). I don't have any Konad, never used one, and I don't own any nail art tools whatsoever! So this is freestyle...

The rules are the following:
1. Go to your lacquer stash
2. CLOSE your eyes and pull 3 random items - JUST 3
3. Create a mani from them
4. Post your mani when you post the tag
5. Tag 3 bloggers

1. Went to my lacquer stash (a big paper bag in my case - an accident happened to my over charged basket in which I lost one of the cutest polishes (OPI Lucertainly Look Marvellous)... and  because of the this, some of my polish bottles are all silvery, so the rest I had to put away! :)).

2. Closed my eyes (not really necessary, not looking in the bag was enough! :) ) and pulled out the following 3 nail polishes:

1. Nfu Oh #49
2. OPI Smok'n in Havana
3. Mavala Mauve Cendré

I think these are not such a fortunate pull out combo, I could 've got better! Nfu Oh is only good for layering and Mauve Cendré certainly doesn't go very well with Smok'n in Havana.

4. Here is what I've done. I don't find it nice at all (and I'm gentle with myself here), but, really, I didn't have any tools, not even French manicure stickers.



 5. Here are the bloggers I've decided to tag:

- Liz form Liquid Jelly
- Emily from Emily's Nail Files
- and Brilliantly Polished Art, who began her blog in April, just like me! ;)

Good luck girls!! Hardly waiting for your triple-polish mani!


  1. Oh I like it, especially the mauve paired with Nfu Oh. I think that combo looks amazing.

    I can't wait to do this challenge. I'll post mine very soon! ^^


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