Monday, 12 September 2011

OPI - Skull & Glossbones

Hello everyone,

I've been having these pictures in my drafts for quite a while, I don't even remember when I did this. It's not the greatest swatch I could do, but I've decided to publish it because I'm so late with all the collections and everything...
This colour will probably worth a re-swatch later on this year, because it's a great colour! Skull & Glossbones is a beautiful and very original shade of light grey, but with a very subtle beige undertone. No dupes I could find for it! This is actually my favourite of the Pirates of the Caribbean collection (number 2 being Steady As She Rose).
The consistency of this one is a bit watery, but no biggie, it layers very well, and it's perfectly opaque with 2 coats. Dries quickly also.

Here I'm wearing 2 coats of OPI Skull & Glossbones, no top coat:

And here is the lousiest pirate of them all. Sorry for him. He looks angry and powerless!

 I've got only Mermaid's Tears left to swatch of this collection. Coming soon! ;)

Thank you for watching!

See ya soon!


  1. I love your pirate! Way better than anything I could draw!

  2. Thank you, dearest Fingers! :) You're so sweet!!! <3

  3. Great Swatch..nice pirate aarrggggg!!!

  4. Hiiii!!! Thank you so much! You're being TOO nice :D HUGS!

  5. This is such a great polish! I use it quite often in stamping!

  6. Thank you!!! But you use it to DO the stamping, or as a base? I'll check it out because I thought none of the polishes from the Pirates Of the Caribbean collection were suitable for stamping! Thanks for the tip ;)
    Big hugs, sweetie!

  7. Great colour :))

    Feel free to take part in my give-away:

  8. it's gorgeous color and looks great on you

  9. Very nice color looks good on your skintone, and the pirate is cute!

  10. I'm after a light grey, this looks like a good option aha

  11. That's a lovely colour indeed! And I just love your pirate nails, the pirates look so cool!

  12. Looks great and great for fall as well! I think it looks great against your skin tone too! as always the pirate is an awesome touch!!(:

  13. i love pastel colors and this is really gorgeous, it suit your skin tone very much :) by the way new follower here :)

  14. Thank you so much, everyone!!! Big hugs!!!


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