Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Chanel Péridot

Hello everyone,

I guess for the moment I can't posts more often than once a week... Sorry for that, I hope I'll get back to the normal pace of posting soon...

Today I have for you my very first Chanel polish!!! I know it's already been shown on a lot of blogs, but ... I have to show it to you because until Péridot I thought I'd never put 21 euros into one single polish! That's a lot of money... But it worthed every penny!!! I just love it! Well... I think I have a thing for the duo-chromes.. :)
So I guess the whole fuzz is about this gold-green(-and some brown, but that would make it a trio-chrome, right?) foil... that looks absolutely amazing!!! I'm not really a gold fan and I don't really own any pure gold foil in my stash, but this one is right up my alley!
The application is great, you will get some brush strokes however, but nothing ugly, nothing compared to frosties, metallics and other foils. Also, two coats are enough for full opacity and evenness.

Here is the wonder: two coats of Péridot + one coat of Sèche Vite:

Now, these next two pics were taken after 3 days of wear, on a sunny day. Usually I'm a very bad polish wearer. As my nails are thin and hence very flexible, most polishes start chipping after about 2 days. But not Péritdot! I have some tip wear, but I could've worn it very well for another couple of days (with an additional coat of Sèche Vite, of course).
Just look at that sparkle...! *sigh* :)

Thank you very much for watching!

Big hugs, everyone!!! <3


  1. Your pics of peridot are beautiful

  2. Stunning... I have seen this in a few blogs, but never liked to so much.. but now I want it, still wont buy it though :-P can't pay that much for a polish :(

  3. Lovely pics of Peridot! I love duochromes!

  4. Looks great on u :)
    Hey u got some awards..hop on to here: http://beautybrainsbrawns.blogspot.com/2011/09/awards-time.html

  5. J'ai hésité à l'acheter la semaine passée !
    Il te va super bien, avec la couleur de ta peu et tout, j'adore ! :)
    J'espère que tu vas bien ! :)
    Xx. S

  6. Thank you everyone for you sweet comments! Sorry I for I wasn't able to answer earlier!

    Thank you, Pooja_G for the awards! I'll check it out right away!

    Salut Stéphanie, moi, ça va bien, j'ai été très très occupée dernièrement et j'ai pas pu m'occuper de mon blog comme il faut. Toi? Comment ça va? Qu'est-ce que tu fais comme études maintenant??
    Ravie d'avoir de tes nouvelles, sweetie!
    Grosses bises!!!


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