Saturday, 27 August 2011

Essie - Smooth Sailing

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the long absence of posts. I've been on a vacation and I was very busy, and not often at home. Also, I was not really in the greatest mood, so I couldn't really think of blogging. But here I am!
And with a very very nice polish that I've seen on a lot of blogs, and which I adored!
This is Essie - Smooth Sailing. This one is the first of the 6 polishes from the Brazilliant collection 2011 I'll be showing you (and I'm really in love with the whole collection!). The base is a greyish blue with a lot of silver and some subtle duochrome violet/blue shimmer.
The application is ok, and the drying time very good.
Here I'm wearing 2 coats of Essie - Smooth Sailing, no top coat:

Thank you so much for watching!
See ya soon eveyone!

Big hugs!!! <3


  1. I have this and absolutely love it! Such a pretty blue!

  2. This is such a pretty nail polish, its on my wishlist :)

    Love Christine ♥

  3. Never enough of Smooth Sailing swatches :o)It's one of my Top 10 of all times. Thanks for posting.

  4. @Fingers: Thank you!!!

    @hatsu-hinoiri: Tanks! ;)

    @Jossie: Thank you, Jossie!

    @Christine Iversen: Thank you so much, Christine!

    @Pani Skeffington: Thank you so much! And, indeed, there are some polishes that are so beautiful, we can't seem to see enough of! ;)

    Hugs everyone!!!

  5. its such a pretty blue color!! love it!

  6. Lovely color, I love your nails they are so pretty :)

  7. Great to see you back!<3
    This color is really pretty! I love the shimmer in it!(:

  8. Hello!:) amazing shade of blue! it reminds me something like denim:D jeans nails:D

  9. I have this polish and I love it!

  10. Thank you everyone for your sweet words!!!
    BIG HUGS to you all!!!

  11. Wow I really love this color ! (:

  12. Such a pretty colour!
    I hope you are in a better mood now.
    Ahhhh vacation definitely can put one out of the loop. I am still recovering from mine and even thinking I need to go on another one asap XD


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