Sunday, 7 August 2011

Zoya Christinna

Hello everyone,

Yes! A polish with my name!!!  ;) I had to have this one ;) It's Stephanie from So Nailed who inspired me into buying this polish as she had her own.. and, on a coincidence, she swatched her Stephanie polish tonight too!
But, I really don't get the double "n" in the name.  I don't know any Christina to spell her name like this... oh well.

When I first saw it in her bottle, I was almost disappointed. After one coat I was extremely disappointed because it is very sheer. Needed 4 coats to obtain what you're seeing in the pics. But after all the 4 coats, the finish is indeed amazing. Pure satin! I've never seen anything like it. This polish is nothing about colour. (it's white, and white is not a colour LOL! ). No. It's all about the finish. Pure satin. I beleive it was especially created for brides. I cannot see any othe polish that can go better with a satin (of taffetas) white wedding dress! Just gorgeous.
However, my advice would be to get this applied by a professional if you decide to wear this for your wedding, beacuse the application is a bit tricky and needs 4 coats. Also, the drying time is a misery because of the 4 coats, so, to be done the event's eve.
So, as I was saying, here I'm wearing 4 coats of Zoya Christinna, no top coat:

Sorry about the bump on my middle, but I really didn't wat to start all over with all the 4 coats and everything...

And something blue ;) I applied one coat of OPI Last Friday Night over the ring (very symbolic, right? :)):

And with other glitters, in case you want pink instead (one coat of OPI Teenage Dream on my middle) or something more daring like OPI Simmer and Shimmer  (on my index):

Now I have to ask the same question as Stéphanie: do you already have a polish with your name? :D

Thank you for watching!

See ya soo!


  1. OMGGG I love the idea of "something blue", that is too adorable!! Looks lovely on you!

  2. Oh and Zoya sure does have a nail polish with my name, but it's spelled incorrectly as well :( I spell my name with an H and the one Zoya has is "Megan". Oh well, I'd still probably buy it ;)

  3. it looks gorgeous with the glitter nail polishes on top <3

  4. @Pinupcherrymakeup: Thank you so much, Meghan! <3
    Oh, yes, I kind hesitated too before buying it, because of the bad spelling. But that's allright, it's still pronounced "Cristina" ;D

    @MSodapop: Thanks!!

  5. The base coat is sooo soft and pretty.... I love the top coat on the pointer finger--Simmer and Shimmer!!!

  6. Ooooh j'aime avec le bleu au dessus :)
    Tu passes de bonnes vacances ? tu es à l'étranger ? :)
    Xx. S

  7. @imfeelingnail-venturous: Thank you!!! So you'd be a funky bride, wouldn't you? ;D LOL

    @Stéphanie: :D Merci! Ouiii! j'ai été à la mer (Mediternée) 2 jours et demain je pars voir me parents, et puis de nouveau à la mer (la Mer Noire cette fois-ci ;P) J'ai encore 16 jours de vacances!!! yaay!!!

  8. So pretty! I don't know if Zoya has a polish with my name???

  9. I like this color with Teenage Dream over it !

  10. This is a really pretty color to bad its a horrible formula! I dont understand the spelling either.. lol and no I do not have a polish with my name but I want one so bad! I dont think Zoya has a nail polish named Kristyn, they should though! hahaha:D

  11. @Oreleona: Thank you!!

    @Eat.Sleep.Polish.: Thank you, sweetie!!!

    @Olivia C.: Thanks!! And YES! They do have a polish with your name: Zoya Olivia! And spelled correctly ;D It's a very pale pink.

    @Toyomi: Thanks! My favourite is the blue ;)

    @paint that nail: No, they don't have a polish called Kristyn, that is too bad! They should give more normal names to their polishes... I mean.. who'd name her baby-girl "Envy"??? :D LOL Or "Glimmer"? LOL

  12. this is BEAUTIFUL!! love your mani :) <3

  13. Wow, looks great! I don't think Zoya has a polish with my name... :( hahaha

  14. sophisticated and it

  15. @Claire: Tank you!!!

    @Sara.H: Thank you so much Sara! <3

    @Veronica: Thank you so much, Veronica! Well, I'm not sure, but I guess Verushka is a kind of nickname for Veronica... I believe it's Russian. If someone from Russia can confirm that to us... ;)

    @sahar awan: Thanks so much sweetie! Nice to see you! Hugs!

  16. I love this shade. I don't have any Zoya products in my collection yet, but this is convincing me to go out and buy some!


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