Monday, 1 August 2011

GiMiKd Girl's giveaway prize is HERE!!! :D!!

Hello everyone!!!

A few days ago I've won my first giveaway!!! It was GimiKd Girl's 182 Followers giveaway! :D

The package got to me in absolutely no time: received on Saturday (I think it took about 10 days to reach me) ! Ans this package comes all the way from New ZEELAND!!! :D Yaay!! It's not every day that I receive stuff from New Zeeland :D LOL That's another country I'd like to visit... *sigh*...

So here are the great makeup items she send me! All in perfect condition, from NYX and Bundle Monster:

When I took the pictures I didn't see that this cute little baby was left in the package ;) So here it is:

In other news: today I've received my VERY FIRST NUBAR POLISH EVER!!!!! It's Nubar Reclaim!!! I'm soooo happy that I couldn't resist showing it to you! And with a little preview on my middle nail :D

 Stay "tuned" for the real swatch :D I can't wait to wear it! :D

See ya soon!!
Big hugs!!!!
PS: I was GiMiKd's number 182 follower! :D A coincidence? I don't know, especially that I've told her (joking, of course) at the moment of my subscription that I was gonna win because, there also another coincidence: I was born in '82! :D


  1. Ohh Reclaim! Love the color. Can't wait to see it on you. :) And congrats on winning the giveaway! Lots of great stuff. :)

  2. Lucky you! :) Great prize. Looking forward to see the full swatch of Nubar Reclaim. The color looks great.

  3. @A Tiny Blog: Thank you! I can't wait to wear it, so the swatches will be here soon ;)

    @Biba: Thank you!! ;)

    @Laura: Oh, that's my first! I can't believe I won! :D I never win anything ;)

  4. your ps is so so so cool!! that is very lucky!!
    i gave you some awards on my blog too!<3

  5. Wow look at all this stuff ! It's beautiful .

  6. @paint that nail : Tank you!!! And thank you so much for the award and for always thinking of me! This is so sweet!

    @Toyomi: Oh, yes, I think I've go lip glosses to last me for 5 years LOL :D Thank you!


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