Thursday, 11 August 2011


Hello everyone,

I'm very late with the awards I've been given. So, excuses to my friends who tagged me. But now I have some time to catch up with everything ;D

These awards were given to me by Liz from Liquid Jelly and Kristyn from Paint That Nail!!! Thank you so much girls!!!
They are amongs my best blog friends and I really enjoy reading their blogs and admiring their creations every day! They are both incredibly talented and super nice people. Love them both! <3
So, don't forget to take a tour on their blogs!

The Rules:
1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you
2. Share 7 Random things about yourself
3. Answer the following questions
4. Award 15 blogs

Seven Things About Me:
1. My favourite flowers are roses: pink and white.
2. I was born in Bucarest, Romania.  
3. I love the sea (I think I've already told you that, but this is very important to me. I'm really better and healthier when I'm close to the sea).
4. I don't have any brothers and sisters (I would've loved to have plenty!), but I've got a few lifetime friends and that makes me happy.
5. I like to cook for people, but not for myself.
6. I don't have a car (anymore), but I dream of having one, one day.
7. I'm worried about this new financial crisis.
I've already answered the following questions on a previous award. As nothing changed since then, I'll just copy/paste the questionnaire :)
Name your favourite color – Blue, Pink, Orange, Red.
Name your favourite song – (Everything I do) I do it For You (Brian Adams)
Name your favourite dessert – Tiramisu.
What is pissing you off? – arrogance and jealousy.
When you’re upset, you? – don't speak, I'm gloomy, and I get annoyed with little stuff
Your favourite petGhitzou, my Rabbit and Titi, my parotlet
Black or White? – White, always.
Your biggest fear?loneliness, airplanes and earthquakes.
My best feature is – My eyes and my attitude
Everyday attitude – friendly, confident, always ready to cheer up and give a hand ;)
What is perfectionwild, untouched nature
Guilty pleasure – Beer :) (and I gotta say I'm feeling very guilty since my vacation started LOL ;D)

The 15 blogs I'm passing the award to, are:

15.  geez
Thank you for reading!
See ya soon! ;)
Hugs everyone!  


  1. Hello:) I've just noticed that!!! I can't take my eyes from this award! First award ever!!! Thank you very much for all! It's really made my day perfect:)

  2. Congrats gal!! well deserved!! :)

  3. @Super cute super easy : Oh, I'm so glad you are happy! HUGS!! <3

    @Erika: You're welcome!

    @Pooja_G: Thank you!!!! <3

  4. Merci de m'avoir taggee !
    J'espere que tu t'amuses en Roumanie :)
    Je trouve qu'on s'habitue vite au querty, sur l'iphone il est en querty aussi pour l'anglais, par contre c'est bizarre pour revenir au azerty :)
    Xx. S

  5. I love that brian Adams song too! Thanks for including me.

  6. @Stephanie: De rien sweetie :) Oh oui, je m'amuse bien parce que je vois mes amis. Et puis j'irai a la Mer Noire la semaine prochaine :)Yaaay!!! Ohm j'aime pas trop changer de type de clavier. La, par exemple, je ne peux pas mettre les accents..

    @♥beauxs mom: You've very welcome!

  7. <3awww thanks for such the nice words!!!<3<3<3<3

    hahaha! beer! thats funny! UH jealousy is a huge problem! Just be happy for the person, its easier to be happy then to sit there wishing that was you or something. I had a big problem with someone and that last year lol

  8. Aww thank you for mentioning me! That was so sweet! Hope you're doing well! <3

  9. beatch thanx for the awards! M-ai awarduid grav aici


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