Wednesday, 4 April 2012

OPI - I Don't Give a Rotterdam

Hello everybody,

Hope you're doing fine.
Me, I'm still at home and resting... and now posting ;)

Oh, yes, the collection I've waited for such a long time is finally in my hands!! OPI Holland is here!! I know, here in Europe we get the collections after they are released in the US, but that's not a problem with me. I'm still happy I've got it!
Of course, I didn't order all the 12 polishes... but only 9 :D And amongst the 9, 4 of them are minis. Hopefully I will be able to show them all to you!

First of all here is I Don't Give a Rotterdam. I find the name excellent, i just love it. And i love this polish too. The colour is a gray-blue with silver crystal flecks inside.
The formula and the application were excellent. Purists will need 3 coats, but I'm OK with 2 coats for opacity. The wear was also very good.

 Here I'm wearing 2 coats of I Don't Give a Rotterdam + 1 coat of Seche Vite:

I think that the best way to wear this polish and to value it is to wear it with a light blue pair of jeans:

In conclusion:

Application: 4.7/5
Formula: 4.5/5
Finish: 4.5/5
Drying time: 4.5/5
Opacity: 4.0/5
Wear: 4.0/5.0

Overall: 4.37/5

And, in the end, I want to share with you this picture of the young magnolia tree in the patio just bellow my bedroom window:

... yeah... spring is here ;)

Thank you everyone for watching!


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