Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Nubar - Reclaim

Hello everyone,

So this would be my first real post after a long absence.
I have to catch up a little, a have some pics I took in September and in October, so I'd like to show these to you firstly.

Now, this is one of the longest time lemmings, in my opinion one of the most beautiful holographic polishes that have ever been done: Nubar Reclaim!
And the thing is that not only it is an gorgeous polish, it is also of a great quality of formula, application and drying. If I had to mark this, I'd say... 10/10!

I'm sorry for the inappropriate number of pictures, but... I think it worth it! Here I'm wearing 2 coats of Nubar - Reclaim, no top coat:

In shade

And just at that gorgeousness in the sun!!!

Thanks everyone for watching.



  1. ll est superbe ce vernis, encore un à ajouter à ma wish list ! Merci pour tes swatches. J'aime bien lire ton blog, car la qualité est là : manucure parfaite et jolies photos !

    J'espère que nous, tes lectrices assidues, pourrons t'apporter du baume au coeur dans la période douloureuse que tu traverses.

  2. An amazing polish! I can't believe I've had Reclaim sitting on my shelf for over 3 months and haven't tried it! After seeing your photos, I definitely will!

  3. i love this polish... this is the first holo polish I ever owned and there is no such thing as inappropriate number of pics >)

  4. This is one of my favorite polishes.. I do love it!

  5. Gorgeous! I just got it with a Nubar order but I'm waiting for better (sunny!) days to wear it!

  6. Oh wow! Such nice comments! Thank you so much everyone!


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