Tuesday, 17 January 2012

OPI - I Vant to Be A-Lone Star

Hello everyone,

As I said before, I'm really, really behind with my swatching... I have a lot of un-swatched polishes that I'd like to show! I know, normally I should be stating to swatch the 2012 spring collections, but instead... I'm doing 2011 spring! :)
I've only got 3 polishes from OPI Texas 2011 Spring collection: I Vant to Be A-Lone Star, Its' Totally Fort Woth it and Guy Meets Gel-veston... Not the greatest polishes ever, but somehow different!

So today it's time for OPI Vant to Be A-Lone Star.
I don't know exactly what the name means.. I guess it refers to the "Lone Star State" (Texas) but I don't know why is it spelled like this?
Anyway, back to the polish... The colour is a grey-ish baby blue, with silver shimmer inside. It looks almost frosted to me. The problem with this polish is that is SHEER... Here I'm wearing 3 coats of polish, and still got bald spots and VNL. This polish is however beautiful, and I think it would be even more beautiful maybe layered on an opaque nude creme. In spite of everything, I really like it!

And then I decided to add 2 coats of Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air on top... Everything changes instantly ! :D

Who'd knew? :) OPI Vant to Be A-Lone Star is an excellent base for Glitter in the Air ;)

In conclusion:

Application: 4/5
Formula: 2.5/5
Finish: 3.5/5
Drying time: 3/5
Opacity: 2/5

Overall: 3/5

Thank you everyone for watching!


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