Sunday, 25 March 2012

China Glaze - Kinetic Candy

Hello everyone,

Hope you've had a nice weekend!
Sorry for the long absence... again ;) But I was away for the week-end -  in Paris again (more exactly near Paris, in Essonne) for a big birthday party. And it was great!  

So today I have for you another polish from the China Glaze's 2012 Electropop spring collection: Kinetic Candy.
This is quite a nice colour and the quality of the formula and the application were great.. it's just that it's really not flattering at all for my skin-tone. And also... I've had this weired feeling the whole time I was wearing it: that I was wearing a piece of faïence on my nails! Maybe because the faïence in my parent's bathroom was (and still is) exactly the same colour ! ;) weired associations ;)

The only thing that I found not to be OK with it is that it doesn't last for as long as I'm expecting it to... I've applied it in the evening, and by the end of the next day it already chipped on 3 fingers (and I didn't do any house work - I was at work ;)). Too bad.

So here I'm wearing 2 coats of China Glaze Kinetic Candy + 1 coat of Seche Vite:

In conclusion:

Application: 4.0/5
Formula: 4.0/5
Finish: 4.5/5
Drying time: 4.0/5
Opacity: 5.0/5

Overall: 4.3/5

Thank you everyone for watching!


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