Sunday, 10 July 2011

Catherine Arley 805

Hello everyone,

Hope you've had a great weekend! Mine was great, I went to the seaside on Saturday afternoon and it was fabulous! :) (I'm lucky to live at only 1.5h of driving from the Mediterranean sea).

Today I've got for you one of the most amazing polishes I've ever seen! It's Catherine Arley 805 that I've got from my swap with Stéphanie. My first black polish! And what a black!
This baby is black holo cream. So amazing and so prefect! Great application, perfectly opaque in 2 coats and the finish is so shiny that you'll be able to see perfectly reflecting on the nails the image of the buildings on the other side of the window ! And I'm not wearing any top coat. the driying timem is also ecxellent.
I don't know where it was made. Bulgaria? Turkey? I shalt investigate ;)

Now, I think I've taken about 30 pictures of this polish and I couldn't possibly decide on only 6 or 7... here you'll get, sorry about the picture spam  ;)
But hopefully you'll envoy it. I did :D

So here I'm wearing 2 coats of Catherine Arley 805, no top coat:

Taken in the sun.
In the shade

The second one in the shade. All the rest were taken in the sun.

And a blurry pic to better see the holo shimmer...
... Amazingness :) ...  *sigh*

Have a great week everyone!
See ya!

HUGS!!! <3


  1. It is a fabulous dark holo indeed!!! I love it :D
    I think Catherine Arley polishes are made in Turkey but I am not 100% sure either.

  2. Oooh i'm drooling . This is very pretty ,

  3. @Cel: Thank you!! About Turkey, yes, I believe it too. I'll have to check it out however ;)

    @Toyomi: Thank you so much, Toyomi!!

  4. This black is indeed very pretty. I love all the fabulous micro glitter in it :-)

  5. very pretty hands yu have.... love the color... <3

  6. @Nail Stories: Thank you!

    @sahar awan: Thank you! But I don't think I have such beautiful hands :)You're a sweetheart! There are other girls out there who are better gifted by nature in terms of hands beauty :)...*sigh*

  7. Aah thats sooo pretty! I LOVE dark holos =] Also it looks amazing on you =]

  8. OMG! this polish is gorgeous!

  9. @Sara 's: Thank you so much!!

    @Nailderella: Thank you! I love it too, a lot.

  10. I live very close to the ocean too, just a 15 minute bus ride. But unfortunately it's San Francisco so even when it's warm it's still pretty overcast! I kind of like it though. :-) I love this polish on you, so sparkly!!!

  11. Such an AWESOME polish! I'm in love and you take GREAT photos... By the way, I am your new follower. Please check out my blog... =)

  12. @Persnickety Polish: Thank you! San Francisco is a beautiful city! d you are lucky to live only at 15 min of bus ride away from the ocean ;)

    @imfeelingnail-venturous: I think I know you from other comments, I'm surely gonna go check out you blog ;)
    Thank you for you compliments and thank you for following me! ;)

  13. woooow! really great holographic polish!


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