Friday, 22 July 2011

China Glaze- Ahoy! vs. China Glaze - Strawberry Fields

Hello everyone,

As I promised, here is the post dedicated  to the comparison between China Glaze ahoy! and Strawberry Fields.
 Here are the babies (oh, I love them both! :) ):

Strawberry Fields (SF) on the Left and Ahoy! (A!) in the Right.

 The formula of these two are is very similar. The same consistency, but I found that for some unknwn reason, Ahoy! applied a tad bit better than ST.
As you can see already from the previous pictures, the fist big difference is that Ahoy! is a a little darker than Strawberry Fields... or, if you prefer.. a little more toward fuchsia than ST.
The second big difference is that ST has gold shimmer, while Ahoy! has fuchsia shimmer inside it.

I've applied 2 coats of each, and both are opaque with 2 coats, both very shiny and sparky.
Here L've applied ST on my index and ring, and Ahoy! on my middle and pinkie:

In this picture you can also see (if enlarged) the gold shimmer for the ST(middle) and the fuchsia one for A!(ring).

I conclusion, these beauties are certainly not dupes. But the resemblance is obvious. If you like more daring and stronger colours, I'd say, go for Ahoy!. If you you are inclined more towards light pinks, fruity colours, go for Strawberry Fields.
But me... I cannot pick a favourite, I love them both!!! :D What a polish junkie like me can do?? Well...get them both :D

See ya soon!!!
Big hugs!! :)


  1. I liked both of them but they do resemble so much!! :)

  2. These look gorgeous, I definitely want to try them out :)

    Love Christine ♥

  3. @Pooja_G: Oh, they do, resemble... It's hard to pick one out! :)

    @Christine Iversen: Thank you! I'm sure you're not going to be disappointed!

  4. its hard to find difference in both colors... lovely

  5. I can't decide which one I like more, so I'll just add both to my wish list :D

  6. @sahar awan: yes, someone who doesn't know them both, won't tell the difference, it's true! ;)

    @Neko: yeah.. I know exactly how that feels :D LOL ;)

  7. They are both beautiful!! They both are very close but I would have to go with Ahoy! I like the fuchsia shimmer it has!!!:D

  8. Thank you, Kristyn!!
    Oh, yes.. Ahoy is sooo beautiful! <3

  9. Wow they are both very similar . They're both so beautiful .

  10. Do you have any favorite nail polish sites online? :) And thank you so much for following me back :)

    Love Christine ♥

  11. Yes, I'm getting all my Zoyas and my Essies from and OPI, Orly, China Glaze and Color Club mainly from

    I've recently tried Head2toe Beauty. com (not sure about the url) and got some China Glaze and Color Club from them. They're OK, but they suck a bit at packaging (I've got a broken bottle in pack), and you have to be careful not to order any Orly from them because they don't ship this brand internationally.
    Hope this was helpful! ;)


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