Monday, 4 July 2011

Catrice - Dirty Berry

Hello everyone,

So this is the first nail polish I'll be showing you from my swap with Stéphanie from So Nailed! And I gotta say that this is a dream come true!!! This was one of my greatest lemmings, and here it is: on my nails! :)
I think that the pictures will never be able to show its true beauty... it is just gorgeous!
This is my first Catrice ever, and I'm totally charmed by this little brand made in Luxembourg!

The formula for this one is excellent and the brush is great. Needed however 3 coats to get that dizzy-ing depth that makes it so special.
It is not a holo, but it's got this absolutely amazing silver micro glitter inside, which gives it this depth that I'm talking about, and which is impossible to catch in an image...

Here are the pictures. I'm wearing 3 coats of Catrice Dirty Berry, no top coat.
I hope you'll enjoy this at least half as much I'm enjoying it!

Amazing, isn't it? ...*sigh*

Thank you Stéphanie, and thank you all for watching!

See ya soon!


  1. Gorgeous! I love it! It's one of my lemmings too. Is Catrice not sold in France? I would love to see more Catrice or other polishes unique to France! :D

  2. Thank you; Liz!
    Catrice is sold only in some cities in the South-Eastern France. Not in Toulouse, and not even in Paris. As it's made in Luxembourg it's manly sold in Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and.. Luxembourg ;)
    But I've got in my stash some French polishes that I will show on my blog soon ;)

  3. Love this colour too! <3
    I use this mani times on my toenails :D

  4. Thanks so much, LovesRoseAndPurple! I may be trying that on my toes too ;)

  5. It's beautiful! Such a pity I can't buy it in my city :(

  6. That is so pretty! I wish we carried Catrice around here :)

  7. Love it !
    Ca me fait toujours penser à du Jeans :)
    Xx. S

  8. @Katie: Thank you! I know, I would've liked to have in my city too.. but lucky that there are swaps ;)

    @Tasha: Thank you! I know, I know, I would've liked to have all the brands that I'm forced to order online.. but Catrice is unfortunately not sold online.

    @Stéphanie: Merci Sweetie!!!!! Et, oui, maintenant que tu le dises... effectivement, on dirait du jean.. un peu violet;) J'ai le OPI Ink Suede - alors, ça tu va me dire si ça ne ressemble pas du jean ;) Bises!!

  9. So amazing and shimmery!!!


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