Tuesday, 19 July 2011

China Glaze - Strawberry Fields + ... strawberries ;)

Hello everyone,

My pink madness continues .. :D

Here is China glaze Strawberry Fields. The famous! Yes, I've seen this on many blogs, but the one that convinced me to buy it, was Liz's blog (Liquid Jelly). She also did some amazing stuff with this polish, one of which was my inspiration for today nail art part ;)

Strawberry Fields is indeed a gorgeous polish, a beautiful pink -> (straw)berry - pink! It makes me think of a strawberry sorbet :D Yum! :P And it's got this incredible gold shimmer in it that gives it a "sun kiss" and an unique spark. I just love it.
It applies well, but his younger brother Ahoy! applies a little bit better.
Too bad my nails are shorter right now...maybe the polish would look better if I had longer nails... I'll probably re-swatch it later.

Here I'm wearing 2 coats of China Glaze Strawberry Fields, no top coat (dries quickly!):

And here are the STRAWBERRIES! :D I felt like playing a bit with my polishes :D So for this design I've just used a thin painting brush... and nail polish! :)
For the "leafs" I used Deborah - I's Evergreen, and for the "seeds" I used Deborah again, but this time the shade called "Yellow Fiz" (swathed here, an Orly Lemonade dupe, but of better quality in my opinion).

 Sorry about the picture spam ;)

Oh well, I guess I'll be doing a pink week, what do you think?  My pink mood is not over yet :D LOL
I also have to swatch China Glaze Ahoy! and I'll do a comparison between the two (they are very similar, but no, they are not dupes).

And oh, my sweetest followers, the ones who follow me and I don't follow you, please write me an e-mail or leave me a comment with the url of your blog. I usually look into your profiles to get the link to your blog. Some of you don't have it, so if you want, leave me a comment. It will be my pleasure to follow you too ;)

See ya soon!
Big hugs!!


  1. Such a cute mani! I was considering getting Strawberry Fields and after seeing your post I am sold!

  2. :D Thank you, Cel! It's great polish and not expensive at all, so it's a good purchase anyways ;)

  3. Ohh, the strawberries are so yummy and cute :-)

  4. Such sweet strawberries...loved the nail art :)
    N Thanx for following my blog..appreciate it !

  5. I'm not sure if you follow my blog or not so here it is:


    I have wanted this polish for a long time and always go back and forth on buying it!

  6. Cute little strawberries! You did such a great job :)

  7. You did an awesome job w these strawberries.... they look yummy!

  8. I love the little strawberry effect you did there . So cute :D

  9. cute strawberries... love mani

  10. Thank you so much everyone! I really appreciate your compliments!!!
    <3 <3 <3 HUGS!!!

  11. Absolutely adorable! Love how cute and summery your nails are :)

  12. Ahhh this color is so gorgeous on you and the strawberries just too cute! Love it! :D

  13. i love the strawberry design! its so cute! very summery

  14. Yay! I love this polish!
    And what a cute design!!

  15. Aww this is just too adorable. Now I want to try this out :) ps: Im a new follower, love your blog♥

    Love Christine ♥

  16. Thank you, Christine! And thank you for following me ;)


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