Saturday, 30 July 2011

Hema - Metallic Blue

Hello everyone,

Yes!!! It's the weekend!!! :D And I'm getting closer and closer to my holidays ;)

Today I'll be showing you one of the polishes Stéphanie sent me for our swap! It's my first Hema ever and I'm in love! Hema is produced in the Netherlans and comes in cute little 7 ml bottles. I have no idea about the price - as they are not available in France, nor over the Internet.
As the name name says it, it's a gorgeous metallic blue foil - with tons of silver shimmer inside! The quality of the formula is absolutely incredible! No streaks at all, applies like butter (almost a one coater, but I've applied 2 just to be sure ;))  and it dries extremely fast! 10/10 for this polish!!!
So here are the pictures! 2 coats of Hema Metallic, no top coat:

Then thought about doing an accent finger, inspired by the starry night sky. IN real life it was quite pretty, but my camera couldn't capture it... I applied some Color Clud   total Mystery, then, Zoya Charla and finally Zoya Faye. I painted some little silvery stars.. you know.. for the "starry night" ;)

And with a final coat of OPI Last Friday Night, for the sparkle side of the whole thing ;)

Thank you so much for watching!

See ya soon!!
Big hugs!!! ;)

EDIT: I've been asked why I'm holding a Zoya bottle instead of a Hema bottle. Wel, at fist I've taken picture with the Hema bottle, but my fingers were so disgracefully arranged that not only it was not beautiful, but they began to hurt! So, for my comfort and for the beauty of the pictures I'm holding a a bottle of Zoya Charla (used for my accent finger ;))
Also, Ruxi told me that Hema is available in France. But in Paris. So, for me it's not available ;)


  1. Ooh that's lovely! I haven't tried that brand either but it seems great. Love your accent nail too :-)

  2. cum sa nu fie available in France, eu am magazin la Chatelet de Hema. Sunt 2 euro si ceva.

  3. si de ce tii o sticla de zoya in mana?

  4. @Laura: Thank you so much!

    @Une Ruxi à Paris: nu stiam, la Toulouse nu sunt available. Sticla de Zoya e pt confort si pt frumusetea pozelor, pt ca sticla de Hema e mult prea mica si degetele imi stau stramb. :) O sa pun un edit sa explic.

  5. Glad you like it ! :)
    J'en ai encore 242398426394 à t'envoyer si tu veux ;-)
    Xx. S

  6. Merci sweetie!!! Je veux bien qu'on refasse un petit swap ;) Mais là je partirai en vacances dans quelques jours, donc, ce sera donc pour septembre. Mais il faudra que tu penses à ce que tu veux aussi :) BIIISES!!! <3

  7. What a beautiful polish, looks amazing on your nails :) I have never heard about Hema, need to check those out :)

    Love Christine ♥

  8. What a gorgeous blue! And I love your accent nail. So pretty! :)

  9. @Christine Iversen: thank you so much, Christine!

    @Liz: thank you, Liz! I'm really glad you like it ;)


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