Monday, 18 July 2011

Color Club - Space Case

Hello everyone,

I've been in a quite pinky mood lately :) .. don't know why, but I'm very attracted by this colour and it's all I want to wear at the moment!

Today I'm going to show you Color Club Space Case from the Starry Temptress collection.
Though the colour is really pretty and the silver glitter inside is very cute, I was quite disappointed by this polish. Firstly, the glitter is not uniformly distributed into the mass of the polish and I had to be careful on what spot of nail I apply the polish first, so that the glitter will get into that spot precisely...
Secondly, the glitter forms BUMPS on the surface of the nail! I know that normal glitter is bumpy, but this one has a mini-glitter and I think the bump-problem could've been solved in a way. On Mrs Hautie I thought it was a special effect, and it was nice in a wey... But on this one... I really hate it ! Maybe it's me, but in my opinion... it looks cheap and badly finished.

The application was tricky, as I told you, because of the uneven distribution of the glitter. Needs 2 coats for full opacity and wears well. In spite of the icky bumps, I really like this Barbie-pink colour and the effect of the silver mini-glitter inside it...

Here I'm wearing 2 coats of Color Club Space Case + one coat of Seche Vite:

See the bumps I'm talking about? And I AM wearing top coat :)

Do you already own  this polish? Did you have the same "bumpy" problem? What do you think about it? Am I weired?

See ya soon!!
Big hugs everyone!


  1. That bites application was tricky! It is such a pretty polish!

  2. LOL :D It really is a nice polish, in spite of everything ;) I'm sure now I'm gonna wear it again :D

  3. I love glitter & pink. Looks my type of polish :)

  4. I think maybe this one would look better if it was in a jelly base like the rest instead of a shimmer base. I feel like the base eats up the pretty glitter.

  5. Wow this is color is beautiful . Reminds me of the OPI Stems collection .

  6. @Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl: Thank you Tiffany ;)

    @Madeline: I think you're right, because the nice holo glitter finds itself hidden and drenched in the pink polish. Maybe 4 coats would arrange the thing ;)

    @Toyomi: Thank you, Toyomi! I don't have the Nice Stems... yet! ;) I'll order it together with Miss Universe collection :D

  7. Asa sunt toate ojele din colectia asta.

  8. Ah, nu stiam. Sunt dezamagita de finish. Asta e.


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