Thursday, 28 July 2011

Deborah - It's Evergreen

Hello everyone,

Hope your day was fine! Me, I'm happy we're getting closer to the weekend ;)
This is the second Deborah nail polish that I've purchased. And I'm so happy I did, because I'm truly amazed by the quality and by the beauty of these little babies. Even though the brand is called Deborah Milano, it is actually made in France. It comes in cute little 4.5 ml bottles and several colours are available ;) Me, I already have Yellow Fiz , It's evergreen, and Stardust (not swatched yet). I get them from Monoprix and are sold for the price of 4.90 euros (kinda expensive for the 4.5 ml...).

The base colour for this one is "leaf" green with huge quantity of gold micro-shimmer. The finish is a little frosty, which give it this "sugar-candy" look! Adorable! I really really love it! And so unique, I'd say! I couldn't find any dupe for it.
I'm sorry,  the pictures are little dark, but it's because of the bad weather we've had here in the past 10 days... But, anyway.. I'll let you see them ;)
Oh, I forgot: I'm wearing 2 coats of Deborah Milano, no top coat. ;)

And because it looks so much like a grass field.. I thought I'd add some flowers ;)  I firstly used Konad, but the flowers were sooo... sheer, I decided to fill in the gaps, and re-draw the petals. There's a little spot I've missed (sorry about that, but I got tricked by the bad light...!). For the petals I used Deborah  - Yellow Fiz (an Orly Lemonade dupe, but of better quality) and for the middle I used China Glaze  - Strawberry Fields:

Thank you so much for watching!!!

See ya soon!


  1. That is such a pretty green! & I love the flowers you added!

  2. Wow, this is such a great green! I don't think I've seen a shade like it. The flowers are a cute touch to!

  3. Those are expensive for the tiny bottle... But it's pretty!

  4. That's such a pretty, grassy green! I like the description "sugar-candy" for the finish. :)

  5. @ Lyidia: Thank you so much!

    @thenailaholic: yes, they are, but the're also very pretty. I prefer buying little 4.90 euros, 4.5 ml bottles, instead of 10 euros Bourjois or L'Oréal 9ml bottles. Now those are expensive like crazy! I only onw 2 bottles of Bourjois and one old bottle of L'Oréal.

    @Madeline: Ha ha ! Yes, it kinda looks like sugar candy, doesn't it? :D Thank you, Madeline!

  6. @Une Ruxi à Paris: Merci mult :D Ma bucur cand imi lasi commenturi ;)

  7. Very pretty green color and roses are so lovely!

  8. Ooh! I've never seen this shade of green polish before. It looks great with the added flower detail :-)
    There's an award waiting for you on my blog by the way!

  9. @Neko: Thank you!!!

    @LAura: Tahnk you so much, Laura! Yaaay! Award!! :D I'll got check it out right away !!!

  10. Very pretty color & the flowers you added are great!

  11. Ooh, I love the color and the end result is so pretty! :)

  12. @KarenD: Thank you so much, Karen!!!

    @Sandra: Thank you!!! <3

  13. this is a beautiful color.... I like it a lot!!! the flowers are sooo cute too :)

  14. o.O Gorgeous! I have this in my untrieds box, but your pictures just sold this one, I need to put it on next!


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